5 Original Wallpaper Ideas

Wallpaper can change how a certain room is perceived and it can mean the difference between a well decorated room and a corny looking dungeon. So, throughout this article we will give you five original and effective wallpaper ideas, so you can decorate your walls in a stylish or discrete way. Feel free to adapt these ideas to your own situations.

Vintage: Let’s say you have a study room with old styled furniture and antique items. What better way to decorate those walls than with vintage wallpaper that will capitalise on the power of the furniture and antiques to bring a distinguished look and feel to your room?

Vintage wallpapers can come in many ways, being it simple textures or old press insertions or even old style calligraphy and stamps.

Patterns: A simple pattern is the most traditional way people choose to decorate their rooms, and it is the safest way to do it, since it doesn’t chock if it is well chosen, however the visual impact isn’t as great as with one of the other options on this list, think about it like a low-risk / low-reward option, so consider it if you want to play it safe. If you are a bit more bold, then patterned wallpaper probably isn’t the option for you.

Real Life Backgrounds: Real life backgrounds are one of our favourite ideas. Imagine having an home office with a tropical paradise landscape on the wallpaper, n you turn around and face light blue waters, sunshine, white sand and coconut filled palm trees… This is truly one of the most powerful options when it comes to wallpaper or mural decorations.

Quotes: Another public favourite, quotes can inspire you on your darkest hours or make you think when you are feeling hasty. They can also serve to remember important moments, like the couple’s bedroom with wallpaper that contains the couple’s wedding vows.

Quotes can be immortalised in wallpapers to keep on reminding you of important sentences or marking memories.

Photos: Photos are our final idea. If you have 3 lovely kids you love, why not making a photo of the three your wallpaper or their room wallpaper or something like that? Maybe use a wedding photo as the wallpaper of one wall in your bedroom or immortalise something that a picture captured into a wall that somehow relates to the room you’re applying it into.

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