Medical Tourism in Korea

Medical tourism refers to the innovative concept of global healthcare services that can be availed by a patient, belonging to any developed or underdeveloped nation, by visiting some other country. While the majority of these sick people make such transition with a view to undergoing cost-effective medical solutions, often patients from less developed countries are found preferring big medical hubs of highly developed countries to obtain those remedial solutions, which are not available in their own country.

According to a recent medical report a great percentage of these patients visit other countries to attain health care services concerning critical health problems and surgical solutions including cardiac, cosmetic and hip or knee joint replacement surgeries. Nothing to surprise that among the leaders in medical tourism, in the last few years the progression rate of South Korea is quite noticeable specifically in the field of cosmetic surgery and restoration procedures. Apart from Asian countries, patients from across the world are found visiting the top class plastic surgeons of this country to make amazing facial changes comprising nose cosmetic or nose eye surgery or a complete makeover whilst many of them sought the services of the world-famous dentists to have a complete change of their smiling face. The most demanding medical services also include breast implants, facial contouring, hip up surgery apart from face lift and breast augmentation. Offering services like forehead lifting, liposuction surgery and physical shape surgery is not a difficult task for the top-notch South Korean surgical experts today.

Other than cosmetic surgery, the facts and figures of top medical establishments of this country show striking development in areas of medical services which are consistent, reliable and up-to-date. How such enormous development has taken place? No wonder, the highly skilled medical surgeons, dedicated remedial professionals and most organized healthcare systems and above that the brilliance of technological advancements in terms of resourceful mechanisms, revolutionary computerized surgical systems and superior medical-recording procedures are the chief contributing factors have made South Korea the top chosen destinations for the patients worldwide. Those who are longing for newest methodologies for treatment of cancer, fertility or spinal cord disorders, apart from prolonged cardiac issues or even psychiatric problems, can get in touch with the top grade accredited long term medical units of South Korea to obtain unbelievable restorative services. best attraction Sentosa singapore 

A recent survey states that 2012 was a remarkable year for South Korea in terms of medical tourism, recording over 12 million visitors, and a great percentage of them have sought medical support for multiple health care services. This has motivated the government to introduce two distinct kiosks for travelers in Incheon international airport at Seoul. Out of these two units one is exclusively meant for medical tourists. As per the medical bulletin, the number of health tourists in 2012 in South Korea crosses the figure of 160,000 while the medical industry predicts that this figure will cross 400,000 by 2015. In this context, South Korea has taken up a great challenge against their nearest rivalry Thailand which is another prominent health tourism destination in the Asian sub-continent. To establish a solid medical tourism base, South Korea has chiefly focused the countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Middle East. So after reviewing the whole scenario we can say that the medical industry of South Korea is now fully geared up to appear as an international medical tourism hub in no time.


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